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eBay Business

Build an appreciated reputation by selling reliable products on eBay under the supervision of Be Oner’s experienced professionals. Our training program will comprehensively make you familiar with eBay market strategies to establish an authorized and long-lasting business. 

What can you learn in our eBay Business training program?

With the assistance of accomplished trainers, Be Oner offers dedicated candidates to enter the eBay world and build a top-notched business by selling high-demanding products to potential buyers. 

In our eBay Business training program, you’ll learn a thorough knowledge of:

  • How to find proficient suppliers and durable products?
  • How to operate a newly started or grown business on eBay from Pakistan?
  • How to minimize the challenging consequences and maximize profit by generating sales?
  • Tips and tricks to enhance the business in the minimum time possible

Here is the list of things you’ll learn from us about eBay:

  • How to set up an eBay account and run operate it from Pakistan – extensive training sessions about account setting, management, etc
  • The UK or US-based PayPal account and bank account
  • Calculations – tax, cost, profit, expenses, etc
  • Comprehensive understanding of shipping profiles and posting methods. 
  • In-depth study of account policies, account health management, how to get rid of negative feedback and defects
  • Reliable customer support, maintaining relations with eBay customer representatives by professional conversation
  • Mandatory steps to avoid account suspension
  • Quality and reliable product hunting with the experts to offer reliable products to buyers
  • Complete competitors’ analysis
  • Comprehensive research on hot-selling and high-demanded products. 
  • Dos and Don’ts about products
  • Products to avoid that are restricted by the higher authorities. 
  • Properly determining the size of products. 
  • The role of registered keywords, how they play a noteworthy role in ranking the product.
  • Keyword targeting from appreciated ranking
  • Complete information regarding shipping and third-party fulfillment
  • How to create an appealing and professional product listing
  • Listing promotion to generate sales
  • Things to avoid when creating a listing
  • A to Z information about product shipping 
  • Strategies to avoid unbearable expenses
  • How to create optimized and eye-catching titles and MPN
  • Best strategies and practices to promote listings
  • Detailed training about policy selection, how to avoid violations, etc
  • Difference between numerous types of listings – specs and features
  • All you need to know about local sourcing, subscriptions, fees, how to find trustworthy suppliers, etc.
  • Detailed sessions on eBay Third-Party Fulfillment
  • How to select a reliable and high-demanding product to increase profit
  • Find and build long-lasting relations with proficient wholesalers
  • Document and requirement for a wholesale account
  • The concept of arbitrage
  • Complete information about Shopify
  • Dos and Don’ts for satisfying results
  1. eBay Virtual Assistant

Become a professional eBay virtual assistant and offer reliable services to contribute to a bright e-commerce Pakistan. Be oner feel honored to train young and talented youth of the country to utilize their skills and become high-grade entrepreneurs. Our dedicated and qualified team is here to make the candidates capable of earning a handsome income by working on numerous renowned marketplaces like eBay, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. 

Our eBay VA program will polish your skills magnificently, and you’ll be able to facilitate renowned business owners devotedly. You’ll learn the following from our training program:

  • Comprehensive knowledge about eBay – Introduction, market strategies, methodologies, Dos and Don’ts, etc
  • User-friendly methods to create and set up an account
  • Methods to manage orders and fix the errors
  • How to create a product listing?
  • Customer services, subscription, linking, etc
  • Tactics to promote your product’s credibility
  • Multiple eBay business models, how they differ from each other, in-depth study of their functions 
  • Quality learning about stock model, online arbitrage, and third-party fulfillment
  • Familiarity with numerous types of eBay seller accounts
  • How to open eBay accounts for the USA, UK, Pakistan, and Australia
  • Significant importance of an eBay store, why do you need to have it?
  • Comprehensive estimates – Subscriptions and Fees
  • How to do local and international sourcing without hassle?
  • How to create a professional and attractive listing?
  • Launching and ranking products with efficient approaches
  • Extensive training on eBay seller account management
  • eBay terms and Conditions, policies, how not to violate them?
  • How and where to find trusted clients, how to deal with them?
  • Dos and Don’ts to avoid problems with eBay clients
  • How to send attention-grabbing proposals to reliable and potential clients?
  • Importance of Microsoft Excel and Word regarding eBay

A complete record of sales files, stock maintaining files, item selling files to avoid inconvenience.

APPLY eBay Business FORM:
Maximum upload size is 2MB and please upload jpg, png or pdf format file.
Maximum upload size is 2MB and please upload jpg, png or pdf format file.

Fee & Duration

Duration will be 2 months approximately for the training sessions.

Bank Details:-

Local Bank TransferMeezan Bank Limited 
Account: 0707-0105622764
IBAN: PK79MEZN0007070105622764

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